Space dreams

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I quit my first job last month. The company hosted some amazing, passionate human beings. Never before I had come across such like-minded people existing in one island!

While there, I’ve been able to share my love for space without restrictions and learn so much. In particular, I enjoyed working with and hanging out with two people. And so, before I left, I gave each of them a little card, each containing a self-written poem. I’ll share the poems here, having received due permission.

1. The first view of our galaxy

The first poem is for a person who has been an amazing mentor and a friend.

Andromeda galaxy. Credit: Adam Evans under CC BY-NC 2.0

The first view of our galaxy awaits,
The lights of billions of suns..

Yet each star a destination of its own,
Out of reach for millennia unknown..

You see, us a species still stuck on Earth,
Our ability to unshackle still a dearth..

Await the Moon, the asteroids and a blue Mars,
At its dawn is but a gaze at the stars..

Though without the will & wit to pull it off,
An interplanetary dream by itself is not enough..

Need an eye for details,
A rigor to pickup leftover trails..

An incessant readiness for discourse and to critic,
And the patience to inspire and teach..

All of this is what you possess,
With a forgiving nature, no less!

Every such Sol can we not iterate,
And set ablaze our species to proliferate..

Need but a gravity assist to set things straight,
Beyond which the first view of our galaxy awaits!

2. We dream, we must

The second poem is for the friend whom I’ve had resonating conversations with. And had fun seeing and identifying insects in the campus and beyond.

Sputnik wallpaper, edited using source at Roscosmos.

We dream, we must!
Or risk our species blown to dust..

For a future that lies beyond the sky,
The time to act is nigh..

An orchestrated descent on the Moon,
An iterative rendezvous to an asteroid..

Budge on with your dream,
And get past the crater’s rim..

For you have not just the innate curiosity,
But also the warmth of empathy..

The persistence to crack the 7 minutes of terror,
And then be the solar system torch bearer..

A whirl around Jupiter,
A landing on Europa..

A dive through the rings of Saturn,
And a glide above the seas of Titan..

The first orbit around mysterious Uranus,
A swift passage through Triton’s geysers!

With your perseverance and might,
Leap all the way to peaks of eternal light.

I think the poems can be inspirational to all, hence partially the reason for publishing them.

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