Adding a layer of butter over noodles

The right way.

Noodles are my favorite food after a long day of work. I can cook it fast, and devour it even faster while still savoring it.

About 10 years ago, I realized that adding butter made noodles tastier. But the timing is critical. If you add butter early on or halfway through, it will dilute the spices. Unless you want it to like I do. If you add butter right before there’s some gravy left for the noodles to absorb, the butter would melt over the noodles and form thin, smooth layers. And it tastes really good.

Here are pictures of some flavors of noodles I’ve had with buttery layers that turned out to be great: Vegetable masala, tomato, and capsicum.

I also tried a weird experiment of having hakka noodles with cheese balls! My taste buds liked it.

Enjoy your noodles. 🍝