Quotes to live by

Here are some words that I find intriguing and inspiring.

Writing is the most radical thing you can do without money.

– Julian Shapiro

No one human can fight a flawed system but only humans can fight the system.

– Mukunth

Tech enthusiasm is a rabbit hole.

– Rushabh Gala

Hope, such a deceptive little thing.

Jyotsna Vibhuti

With infinite curiosity, ascent never stops.

– Maciej Zborowski

A good brand cuts across.

– King Sidharth

Reading can seriously damage your ignorance.


An intimate relation is lost not in the most intense of fights but when you can no longer share a moment of joy.

– Yours truly

Look up and wonder, or we die.

– Yours truly

I’ll add more quotes here as I come across them. Would love it if you could share your most cherished words with me here.