A "Sign in with Firefox" service for an Open Web

A privacy respecting alternative to "Sign in with Google".

Signing into services via Google, Twitter, Facebook and the like is popular for a reason. They help us quickly try out new services on the Internet without creating yet more passwords. It’s a win-win for convenience and privacy. But at the same time, we increasingly empower Google, Twitter or Facebook by routing everything through them.

In 2019, Apple introduced Sign in with Apple as a privacy-focused alternative to those services. One is more likely to trust Apple than Google purely because of their business model. The general consensus since release has been that it’s a great option to have. There is one catch though.

“Sign in with Apple” only works if you have an Apple device which not everyone needs and/or can afford. Secondly, it makes you increasingly reliant on Apple just the same.

That leaves room for a well known privacy oriented brand like Mozilla to step in and offer a cross-platform “Sign in with Firefox” option. Mozilla already allows users to sign into Pocket using a Firefox account so the idea can be extended across web services.

In fact, the service can be used even outside the Firefox browser just like the other solutions. This would ensure that the limited browser marketshare of Firefox wouldn’t be a hinderance to its adoption.

What does the Web think about this?

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