Trying to forget, by remembering.

I think a lot
About you, who else?

The warm hugs,
holding your hand.

You sharing a scene,
and your feelings.

Or when you said,
“You’re my only friend..”

The urge that I felt,
to be there for you,

Until you slept,
and before you woke up,

In every moment,
how could I’ve felt
anything but attachment?

I regret it..

But I’m not sorry
why should I be?

Did I not ask
what makes you stray?
like a thousand times..

If it was me,
something I did,
or that I said,

Felt so restless,
thinking all along,
that I did wrong,

But I’m not sorry
why should I be?

Did I not try my best?
with that card of feelings,
sent across the sea..

But to no avail,
you still strayed..

I lost all hope,
and wet eyes,
temper too,

Said terrible things,
a lot of it,

Some I meant,
some not as much,

But I’m not sorry
why should I be?

For you made me feel all along,
that I was wrong,

When you knew,
it was you.

You found someone,
but to me,
not even a mention,

Robbed me of trust,
and joy for you,

I couldn’t comprehend
what all the promises meant,

Tell me why should I
why should I not hate you?

People in bliss,
seldom think,
about the ones who aren’t.

Did it even occur to you
that you were my only friend?
Dear like no one else..

Every time I realize
that you never reached out,
not even once,
I lose my mind.

And the only way,
to pick up those pieces,
is through persistence,
one that of hate.